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Build Your Own

$10.00 – $120.00
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  • Closure Unit (22" small) - $85.00
  • Frontal Unit (22" small) - $120.00
  • Closure Unit (24" large) - $85.00
  • Frontal Unit (24" large) - $120.00
  • Extra Bundle - $10.00
  • Styling your unit - $20.00
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This is for handmade(hand stitched) custom units ONLY. You can send up to three bundles only. Addtional bundles will be a extra cost. All closures and frontals must be new and approved by me, if you are are not purchasing one from me. All bundles must be free of string, glue and must be clean. Please make sure to selected the right head size. This comes with bleaching, plucking and a elastic band. In the notes section at checkout if you don't want bleaching/plucking please make that clear. If you do not prefer baby hairs please note this at checkout.